Metropolitan Mayor of Trabzon


Trabzon, The Capital City of Sports

Being one of the eldest trade and harbor cities of Anatolia, Trabzon becomes the source of inspiration to the number of novels, poems, and songs with its unique natural beauties. Trabzon, the productive city of Eastern Black Sea region, has ranked at the top of sports in its history. The city has become the “voice of Anatolia” thanks to numerous cups, won in football. Furthermore, some successful sportsmen, achieving national and worldwide success in individual sports, have grown up in Trabzon.
In addition to Trabzon’s hosting an international sports event like European Youth Olympic Festival between the dates 23rd and 30th July 2011, it also held another international sports event 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup, which was organized in seven cities of Turkey. Trabzon, the favorite and capital city of sports, organized another important international sports event “World School Championship”, also known as Jimnastia, and we hosted 10.000 people in our city enthusiastically.
Turkey is the candidate country for European Football Championship, to be held in 2024, and if Turkey becomes hosting country, Trabzon will be one of the provinces where football matches will be played.
Trabzon Marathon has been held in 1981 for the first time, and it has become a national event since 1988, and an international event since 1989. Since then it has been regarded as an important sports event, held with the participation of numerous athletes both from Turkey and international countries. Owing to the participation of athletes at any ages, and thanks to being a city of sports, the interest to the athletics in our city is increasing year by year. It will be an honor and pleasure for us to host domestic and international athletes and their families coming to our city for this event, and hosting them in a kindest way will also contribute a lot to the promotion of both our city and sports. Letting our guests leave Trabzon with good memories comes up as a consequence of our customs and traditions.
Having organized successful sports events for years, thereby would like to wish best luck and present my regards to all participants by reminding them the most important thing is to become a champion of hearts with the ideology of solidarity in sports rather than becoming champion in competitions.