Metropolitan Mayor of Trabzon


The Olympic City Of Trabzon

Oldest trade port cities in Anatolia four thousand years of history and cultural history, which is one of Trabzon, with its natural beauty, novels, poems, and songs has been a source of inspiration. The eastern Black Sea region at the summit of the sport is productive in every period of the city's history took place. The sportsmen, artists, writers, painters, scientists has been a success story in the world. Trabzon also has become a role model for his achievements in individual and team sports. Sport facilities in Olympic sports organizations in the world with the center of Trabzon, the sport has become the capital of sports in the world that performs.The Olympic title in Turkey between 23-30 July 2011 which is a first in the European Youth Olympics (EYOF), which houses seven of Turkey the city of Trabzon in the month of June in 2013, the city has been one of the host cities for the FIFA U20 World Cup in conjunction with. The fire never extinguished, which is the summit of sports and Trabzon city which is the capital world of the sport school sports (ISF) Gymnasiade the year with the Olympics in 2016 is held. ISF handball 2014 World Championship held in our country for the first time has hosted. Trabzon in 1981 and in 1988, the National Half Marathon International Marathon held for the first time since 1989 and started to run in our country and abroad every year with the participation of athletes from hundreds of has taken an important place in the international sporting calendar. The value of sport and our city, which is constantly on the agenda of this important organization trained athletes of all ages who struggle in the interest of our male and female participants in athletics are also increasing. This year 102 years of the liberation from enemy occupation of our international Trabzon half marathon 24 February 1918, our 40. We celebrate the year. All of our guests from our city to compete in the marathon Trabzon domestic and foreign’ lu with countrymen we will be hosting. Beautiful, meaningful and lasting friendships we will build bridges with complacency. From Trabzon we will introduce to our guests the best way. The hospitality of the people of Trabzon open arms, we're going to give. Leave with good memories and good friendships from Trabzon to ensure that will be a reflection of our traditions and our customs. The world that we have successfully completed an Olympic sport organizations in Trabzon city carries the distinction of being the first being what is important in a lot of sport with the Brotherhood in the hearts I offer my love and respect to all the participants it means to be first.