Participant and Rules

Half Marathon will be held in 24th of February 2019 in Trabzon, and Technical Meeting for the event will be carried out at 17:30 p.m. in 23th of February 2019 in Multi-Purpose Hamamizade İhsan Bey Culturel Center, where registration and award ceremony will be held.

1- Competitions will be organized in accordance to the competition rules of Turkish Athletics Federation and IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation). 2- Marathon and 11.5 km: this event is available for athletes from a team, individual and foreign nations, and during registration, athletes from foreign nations should submit their passports.
3- Athletes, born in 2000 and older can participate in competitions.
4- Athletes can participate in competitions only with visa, licensed, medical certificate and letter of consent.
5- Athletes, competing in Half Marathon and 11.5 km, can accommodate at the hotels, contracted with Organizing Committee (Accommodation expenses belong to the participant himself). Participants can access the names of contracted hotels by the time of online registration.
6- Athletes, ranking in competition, will receive their awards during award ceremony in Hamamizade İhsan Bey Culturel Center. Time of Award Ceremony will be announced at Technical Meeting, to be held a day before. Awards will be given by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality.
7- During the competition, following athletes by private car is not allowed. Only official vehicles are allowed to be in competition area.
8- Participants can attend to the Community/Public Run, which welcomes athletes and citizens of Trabzon, only if they have waiver invoice, prepared by Organizing Committee, and health/medical report. Licensed athletes from other provinces of Turkey cannot attend in Community/Public Run.
9-Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports that are organizing the event, will provide required health, security, transport services, preparation of competition route and chest numbers regarding Half Marathon, 11.5 km and Community/Public Run.
10- All athletes, administrators, and trainers, to participate in competition, should first apply to Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, and then they should come to competition venue with single delegation list, signed by Provincial Directorates.
11- All athletes, administrators and trainers are obliged to give one copy of signed team/club or individual name lists to the official of Federation. (Lists, which are deleted, erased or added new names, will not be accepted).
12- Registrations for Half Marathon and 11.5 Km competition will be carried out through website and this process will be also managed at the Hamamizade İhsan Bey Culturel Center until 23th February 2019, day of technical meeting, and registered participants will receive their chips in there. No more registration will be accepted after Technical Meeting; however Technical Delegation will decide upon the participants who cannot register themselves because of excuses.
13- Competition results, including written and electronic versions, together with the referee schedule, will be submitted to the Technical Delegate by the provincial representative.

1- Half Marathon will last 21,1 km and every athlete will run same distance.
2- Both individual and team ranking will be held in Half Marathon.
3- Clubs, participating as a team, can compete utmost with 6 athletes. Qualification sum of 3 athletes will generate the team score. Teams will be qualified from the least scored ones towards the winner. In case of equality in scores, third athlete’s rating will be taken into consideration in terns of being good (low). Teams, attending to the competition, will submit their list composing of the above-mentioned number of athletes, written on their official letterhead. Otherwise the lists will not be put into process.
4- Half Marathon, 11.5 km and Public Race will take start at 09:00 a.m.
5- Any other vehicles apart from the responsible ones, are not allowed to be in competition route.
6- Athletes, running more then 3 hours will be put on busses by the help of officials. The ratings of athletes, finishing the competition after 3 hours will not taken into consideration, and these athletes will not take place in the qualification. All athletes, who do not put on the bus and ignore the warnings of officials after the time is up, will be responsible of themselves, and the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for those athletes in case of accident or unfortunate situations.
7- Individual ranking will be done in 11.5 km run for general classification, and ranking for team and age group (veteran) is invalid for 11.5 km. The first three male and female athletes will be awarded with cup and cash prize.
MALE : 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64,65-69, 70-74, 75 –79, 80 AND OLDER
FEMALE: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55 AND OLDER

1- Registration fee is 40 Turkish Liras and the fee can be paid during online registration to the given account number. (Since insurance process will be carried out by Athletic Federation, any kind of reimbursement will not be done in case of absence of athlete, who paid and registered before).
2-First three female and male athletes, ranking in the general classification will be awarded with cup, medal and various prizes by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports.

Technical Delegates:
Serap AKTAŞ : +90 505 728 13 82
Ahmet ALTUN : +90 531 384 21 76
General Director of Competition:
Yaşar ULUSOY : +90 533 646 73 32