Participant and Rules

40th INTERNATIONAL TRABZON SEMI-MARATHON Half Marathon, 11.5 km and People's Run will be held in Trabzon on February 23, 2020, and the technical meeting will be held at Hamamizade İhsan Bey Cultural Center, which belongs to the Metropolitan Municipality, where the registration and award ceremony will be held on February 22, 2020 at 17.30. will be held in the hall. GENERAL SUBJECTS: 1-Competitions will be held in accordance with the Athletics Federation and IAAF rules. 2-Half Marathon and 11.5km; The club is open to individual and foreign athletes, and foreign athletes must present their passports when registering. 3- Athletes born in 2002 and older can compete in the competitions. (Half marathon is organized as a normal category for the ages 18-34, veteran over 35, and the 11.5 km run is organized as a normal category for the ages 18-39 and age groups over 40.) 4-If athletes do not have visa licenses, they can participate in sports with a written health report or consent issued by the organization. The athletes participating in the 5-Half Marathon and 11.5km can provide accommodation at the hotels that have been signed by the organizing committee. 6-The awards to the athletes who ranked in the competitions; Metropolitan Municipality will be held at the Hamamizade İhsan Bey Cultural Center hall at 16.00 and the awards will be given by the Metropolitan Municipality. 7-Half Marathon, 11.5 km and the necessary health, safety, transportation, preparation of the competition track and the provision of the chest numbers related to the People's run will be provided by the Trabzon Metropolitan Directorate, Directorate of Youth and Sports Services. 8-Half Marathon and 11,5km registrations will be made on site until Friday, February 21, 2020, 17:00. Also, on Saturday, February 22, 2020, the chip and chest numbers will be distributed in the area of ​​Martyrs and Hürriyet Park on July 15, between 13:00 and 17:00. However, the priority order will be given to those who have previously registered. Registration will not be accepted after the technical meeting. The athletes who cannot get the chip and chest number due to their excuses will be able to get the chip and chest number between 07:00 and 09:00 on the 23rd of February 2020, in front of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality main building. 9-Provincial representation will submit the results of the contest in written and electronic form to the Technical Delegate together with the referee charts at the end of the competitions. TECHNICAL ISSUES: 1-Half Marathon is 21.1km and all competitors will run the same distance. Individual and team rankings will be made in the 2-half marathon. Clubs that will participate as 3-Team can compete with a maximum of 4 athletes. Rank totals of three (3) athletes will form the scores of the teams. Teams will be ranked according to the total of the degrees multiplying from the minimum grade total. In case of equality, the goodness (low) of the 3rd Athlete who runs on behalf of the team will be taken into consideration. The teams participating in the contest will only give the club letterhead lists and club licenses with the number of visas mentioned above to the technical board in writing. Otherwise, the lists will not be processed. 4-Half marathon; The 11.5km exit will be given at 10:00 and the People's Run exit at 09:30 . 5-During the competition, no vehicles will be accepted for the racecourse other than the vehicles on duty. 6-Half marathon athletes over three hours will be taken to the vehicles by the officers (they will get on the bus). These athletes will not be included in the ranking. After this period, all the responsibilities of the athletes who do not take the bus without taking into account the warnings of the authorities belong to them. The organizing committee will not be responsible for any accident or adverse event. General classification and veteran ranking will be done at 7-11.5 km. The top three male and female athletes ranking will be awarded with trophies and prize money. Only athletes ranking in the Veteran groups will be given trophies. Note Athletes aged 40 and over who are in the top three in the normal category between the ages of 18-39 can receive prize money. AGE CATEGORIES OF SEMI-MARATHON VETEREAN ATHLETES MEN: 35-39,40-44,45-49-50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69,70 and above LADIES: 35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59,60 AND OVER AGE CATEGORIES OF 9-11.5 KM VETEREAN ATHLETES MEN: 35-39-40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64-65-69-70 AND UPPER LADIES: 35-39-40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59-60 and UPPER FINANCIAL ISSUES: 1-The early registration fee of the contest is 50 TL, and after the 10 February 2020 , 70 TL fees will be deposited to the relevant account number when registering through the system. Those who want a refund will not be paid.) 2-Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and Youth and Sports Services Provincial Directorate will be awarded with trophies and medals and various awards to the male and female athletes who take the first three places in the competition categories.