Chairman of Athletics Federation


Turkey Athletics Federation

It is my pleasure to be with you in the 40th year of Trabzon Half Marathon as the President of Turkish Athletics Federation. Trabzon Half Marathon is also one of the valuable brands of Turkish Athletics Federation as it is Trabzon’s, the popular city of Black Sea region. Nowadays, as tue are hardly working to regenerate the past distance tradition of our country, we are giving more importance to such elite road running organizations. It is a fortune that all of the partners of Trabzon Half Marathon share the same excitement with us. Thanks to the smooth skills of local administrators and athletics workers, to their monetary and moral sacrifices, and with the technical support of our Federation, Trabzon Half Marathon makes a great progress year by year. This Half Marathon deserves praises in terms of elite athlete participation, logistic services. technical systems and all other elements. First of all, I would like to present my appreciation to the Governorship of Trabzon,Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, Municipality of Trabzon, Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports for their great efforts of organizing this event. Additionally, I wish success to both athletes and referees in competitions, and finally I hope that audiences will enjoy the organization.